So here’s my “I’m a homeschool mom failure” confession: I do not like reading aloud to my children.  In fact, it ranks right up there with emptying the dishwasher on my daily to do list.  Truth be told, my kids just do not get read to much.  The irony is that I am a voracious reader! I love books and I love to read.  I want my kids to love to read, but I reading aloud is such a chore for me and this is the reason I’ve come to love and adore audio books.

We listen to audio books a lot both at home and in the car.  In fact, they are a favorite to listen to in the car and we often sit in our car in front of our destination waiting to finish a story or a chapter.   Just like picking out books to read, you do have to be careful when choosing audio books.  It can be hard to find quality audio books in CD format at the library (you can find them on-line but that doesn’t work for us in the car!).  Given my family’s reliance on audio books, I was interested in reviewing the Sugar Creek Gang audio stories offered by Beloved Books.  I was sent the Sugar Creek Gang, Volume 1, which retails for $54.95, to listen to with the kids and they were a big hit!

Sugar Creek Gang CDs

The Sugar Creek Gang is a set of stories from the late 1930’s written by Paul Huchens.  The stories were recently turned in to a radio program, which is what the CDs are based on.   The Sugar Creek Gang stories are Christian and the gospel is presented in a very kid friendly manner. My children easily followed along and understood the Christian message throughout.

What I loved most about the Sugar Creek Gang stories is that they appealed to both my son and my daughter.  It can be difficult to find stories that are adventurous enough to keep little boys interested.  My husband is not a big reader because he said he could never find books that kept his attention as a boy.  Well, this CD series starts off with a fishing trip, which had my son’s interest immediately!

Whether your family loves audio stories already or has never tried, listening to the Sugar Creek Gang is a great way to spend some family time listening to high quality stories whether at home or on the road.



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