Slow Cooker Pineapple Meatballs

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Slow Cooker Pineapple Meatballs - Growing Up Gabel @thegabels

I love meatballs and I love my slow cookers.  Combine the two for a fabulous slow cooker meatball dinner that comes together in a few minutes and then cooks while you do other important things.  Add rice and a vegetable for an easy and quick dinner. I am a big fan of keeping a bag of frozen meatballs in my freezer at all times because they are so versatile.  You can use them with pasta, of course, but you can also make things like slow cooker barbecue meatballs or in soup like Italian Wedding Soup or Meatball Minetsrone. These fabulous meatball sandwiches from Brandie at Homecooking Memories look amazing, too.  Most of the time I don't even need to defrost the meatballs so if I forget about dinner - we have meatballs! I will admit though that making meatballs is not exactly my favorite kitchen task and I can't wait until my kids are old enough so I can delegate meatball making to them.  So in order to avoid having to make meatballs a lot, I usually make up a huge batch - like ... [read more]

Fudge Brownies

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Fudge Brownies from @thegabels #recipe

Homemade brownies can be better than the boxed mixes and these  fudge brownies prove that!  This brownie recipe is just as easy as any boxed mix and about a millions times more decadent.  I promise that your family, and anyone else you save enough to share with, will love them. I will admit to loving brownies from a boxed mix more than homemade brownies.  There is just something about that boxed mixed that is perfectly chewing and chocolatey.  Boxed brownies were my favorite until I had these fudge brownies.  A friend of mine is a personal chef and she made these brownies for her daughter's birthday a few years ago.  It was love at first bite.  I promise you - these are the best brownies you will ever make. One of our daughters doesn't care for cake so she always requests brownies for her birthday.  These fudge brownies.  One year I tried to sneak past my whole wheat brownies on her birthday, but she took one bite and knew I'd used a different recipe.   I use this recipe to ... [read more]

Homemade Marshmallow Fluff

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Marshmallow Fluff from @thegabels #recipe

Marshmallow fluff is quick and fun to make in your own kitchen! In 15 minutes you'll have enough fluff for fruit dip, whoopie pies, or fluffernutters.   I needed a dish to bring to Bunco. I'd brought my Mexican Corn Dip last month, which is my go to dish to pass. I thought about Horseradish Cheese Dip, but I really wanted something sweet.  I'd planned on making brownies but then my sister told that's what she was bringing. Gah! I had cream cheese so I thought I'd make a fruit dip only I needed marshmallow fluff.  No problem! I've made homemade marshmallows so fluff should be easy. Plus a few months ago I won a copy of Shauna Sever's Marshmallow Madness cookbook and I've been dying to try out a recipe! Making marshmallow fluff was some of the most fun I've ever had in the kitchen. It really is very easy and came together in about 15 minutes - 10 of which was my mixer beating the marshmallow. This would be a lot of fun to make with kids - just be careful of the hot ... [read more]

Irish Cream French Toast Recipe

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Irish Cream French Toast from @thegabels #recipe #breakfast

Here is a fun multicultural breakfast treat - Irish cream French toast.  It's so delicious, you don't even need syrup - just some bread, eggs and homemade Irish cream coffee creamer.   Of course this would be great for St. Patrick's Day! Oh breakfast - I love to be fancy at breakfast.  German oven pancakes, red velvet pancakes,  bananas foster French toast ... apparently I like to be fancy with bread.  I'm Ok with that!  So when I had a couple of comments on my homemade Irish cream coffee creamer recipe about how delicious it sounded, but they aren't coffee drinkers, well, what a shame to waste such a yummy treat. So I made french toast with it.  This turned out so yummy my 4 year old son kept saying "I just can't stop eating this!"  I had to agree! The creamer has quite a bit of sugar in it so watch it when it's cooking or it'll burn because sugar helps things brown up.  The french toast is also pretty sweet so I didn't put out the syrup with it - just a few dabs of butter ... [read more]

Meet NASCAR driver Greg Biffle in Las Vegas

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NASCAR Las Vegas

I didn't pay much attention to NASCAR before I moved to Las Vegas.  My parents used to actually score NASCAR races when they were newly married and without kids, but that was all I knew about NASCAR.  Our first year living in Vegas one of my husband's students parents had tickets to the NASCAR race and invited us.  I was hooked immediately.  There is something about the loud, fast race cars that I just love! I've gone to the NASCAR race every year since and now my 5 year old son is also a NASCAR junkie! This Thursday, March 6, 2014, NASCAR driver Greg Biffle will be at Walgreens on the Strip as part of the Walgreens Race Around America presented by Balance™ Financial Prepaid MasterCard® from Walgreens.  Roush Fenway Racing drivers Greg Biffle, Ryan Reed, Trevor Bayne and Chris Buescher are driving a fully-enhanced ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang from a concluding NASCAR race city to the next, making pit stops to meet with fans along the way - and Vegas, it's our turn this ... [read more]