The Best Brownie Recipes

Everyone loves brownies! Check out this list of over 10 brownie recipes!

Everyone loves brownies! Whether they are brownies made from scratch or brownies made from a mix, brownie recipes are always popular. This amazing list of brownie recipes includes both brownies from scratch and brownies made from a box. Mint Chocolate Brownies are hands down my favorite brownies ever.  They are perfect for Christmas, St. Patrick’s… 

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Lavender Cupcakes with Orange Frosting

Looking for a unique dessert for Easter or Mother's Day? Turn plain vanilla in to lavender cupcakes with essential oils. The orange frosting pairs perfectly with this uniquely flavored cupcake recipe.

Turn plain vanilla cupcakes in to a wonder with lavender essential oil. Add a dollop of homemade buttercream frosting with a drop of orange essential oil for a truly unique homemade cupcake recipe. I bet you think I’m crazy.  That cupcake up there looks like a plain Jane vanilla cupcake, but I assure you it’s… 

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Lemon Cupcakes with Blackberry Frosting

Lemon cupcakes with blackberry frosting are perfect for your spring and summer events like bridal showers, baby showers, and Mother's Day!

Lemon cupcakes are an easy summer dessert perfect for potlucks and picnics.  I topped the lemon cupcakes with a blackberry frosting that is a cinch to pull together by adding blackberry preserves to a basic butter cream frosting. One of my favorite flavors for spring and summer is lemon. Maybe it’s the yellow for the… 

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Nutella Hamantaschen

Nutella Hamantaschen from @thegabels #recipe

Nutella Hamantaschen are a delicious addition to your Purim festivities!   Purim, the Jewish holiday commemorating  Queen Esther’s saving the Jews from Haman’s evil plots to destroy them.  Hamantaschen are little triangular cookies  made with a shortbread type of cookie dough and filled with all sorts of delicious fillings.  They are traditionally filled with fruit… 

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Mint Chocolate Brownies Recipe

Chocolate Mint Brownie Batter

No one will believe how easy it was to make this mint chocolate brownies recipe!   Brownies are layered with a mint butter cream frosting and finally topped with a thin chocolate topping for a delicious layered brownie recipe. A friend of mine use to make this mint chocolate brownie recipe every December for a Christmas… 

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