How to Make Homemade Mint Extract

Easy to make mint extract recipe with just 2 ingredients!

Did you know you can make homemade extracts with just a few simple ingredients for much cheaper than the store bought extracts? Learn how to make homemade mint extract with just 2 ingredients! I have been making homemade vanilla extract for years.  It’s crazy easy! I just add a little vodka to the vanilla beans… 

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How to Make Chocolate Sauce with Cocoa Powder

Run out of chocolate syrup? Check out this easy recipe to make homemade chocolate sauce with cocoa powder! Your homemade chocolate syrup will be ready in just 5 minutes.

Learn how easy it is to make chocolate sauce with cocoa powder, sugar and water! When we first got married, my husband and I did everything you aren’t supposed to do as newlyweds. We moved 2,000 miles away from everyone we knew for one of us to take a new job.  I suddenly found myself… 

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