The Best Netbook: Our Acer Chromebook

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Staples Chromeboook

 Looking for the best netbook on the market? Check out the Acer Chromebook! Staples generously offered to send me a Chromebook to review in hopes that I could use it with the kids next school year.  We love netbooks, but I was a bit concerned about changing my operating system to Chrome. Turns out that this little guy is one of the best netbooks we've owned and we love our Acer Chromebook. I know the school year is just starting to wind down, but I'm already planning for next year.  Maybe it's the homeschool bug, but I'm constantly evaluating and planning!  Next year I really want to try out more on-line and computer based curriculum. I'm interested to see how my daughter does with those. In searching for the best netbook for our family, we tried out the Acer Chromebook! As lifelong Windwos users we wanted to know if we could survive on just Google?  The answer: YES! Not only can we survive, we can thrive on using the Google interface for all of your computing needs.  The New C7 ... [read more]

LEGO On the Go: The LEGO YouTube Channel

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LEGO YT - infographic

I knew pretty much the minute that I found out I was pregnant with a boy that at some point in the next 13 years, I would end up with LEGOs in my home. It was inevitable. And secretly, I was pleased! I pretend to grumble along with my husband about stepping on small toys on the floor, but as one of three girls growing up who never had LEGOs - I was dying to have them in our home! My son is now 4 and he's not quite ready for the traditional LEGOs. He has a couple of nice Duplo sets that he loves, though. But I'm ready for some LEGO building! Thankfully, you don't have to own LEGOs, or it turns out be a boy, to be a LEGO fan. Case in point:   That would be a LEGO Club Magazine with the front cover torn off from so much reading and playing! Both of my kids, my son and my 6 year old daughter, just adore the LEGO Club Magazine and fight over it when it arrives. They take the magazine everywhere with them for at least a week until it starts falling apart, which is a bummer ... [read more]

How To Help Your Kids Beat the Winter Blues #BabbaBox

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Babba Box

Winter break is quickly approaching and I know that for a lot of parents, keeping your kids occupied can be stressful.  Don't worry - BabbaBox has your back.  Babba Boxes are themed-based boxes full of ideas, projects, and other activities to help you enjoy quality time with your kids. Our BabbaBox was packed with tons of goodies!   I was expecting the craft projects, but there was so much more than that.  Our box's theme was Sun, Moon, and Stars.  We actually did a unit on this theme earlier this fall in our homeschool so it was a great way to review what we had learned. My kids were jumping all over me, trying to get to the box when I opened it. The first item pulled out if the box was a book. A book!  My kids love books and we have read this several times. We also received a set of small binoculars.  My kids love binoculars so these were also a big hit.  The binoculars go with a lunar calendar activity where the kids observe the moon every night of the month and record its ... [read more]

Classic Audio Stories for Homeschooling

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So here's my "I'm a homeschool mom failure" confession: I do not like reading aloud to my children.  In fact, it ranks right up there with emptying the dishwasher on my daily to do list.  Truth be told, my kids just do not get read to much.  The irony is that I am a voracious reader! I love books and I love to read.  I want my kids to love to read, but I reading aloud is such a chore for me and this is the reason I've come to love and adore audio books. We listen to audio books a lot both at home and in the car.  In fact, they are a favorite to listen to in the car and we often sit in our car in front of our destination waiting to finish a story or a chapter.   Just like picking out books to read, you do have to be careful when choosing audio books.  It can be hard to find quality audio books in CD format at the library (you can find them on-line but that doesn't work for us in the car!).  Given my family's reliance on audio books, I was interested in reviewing the Sugar Creek Gang ... [read more]

Busy Bag Ideas for Every Subject Plus a Swap Guide for Mom

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Math Busy Book

I discovered busy bags a little over a year ago when I put together our first few bags.  The busy bags were such a hit that I then participated in a busy bag swap.  Thanks to that busy bag swap, we have spent the past year happily occupied by numerous busy bag activities. Thanks to This Old Schoolhouse's Review Crew, I was introduced to Activity Bags -- a wonderful resource for making your own busy bags and coordinating your own busy bag swap.  Activity Bags offers a slew of different busy bag e-books including pre-school activities, science experiments, reading games, travel activities and an upcoming series on crafts in a bag.  I chose to review Activity Bags' Math Games In A Bag e-book ($15.00).  We aren't using a formal math curriculum this year and my kids love busy bags so I figured this would be a great resource to work in some more math in to our homeschool. Math Games in A Bag is over 200 pages packed full of fun math themed busy bags for every level.   I love ... [read more]