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I saw a few coupons that I printed for this coming long weekend.  We’re planning to grill and cook our way through it so I did a nice shopping trip yesterday.    There are some other coupons (like for condiments) if you need those too that I haven’t highlighted.[…]

Today I’m participating in the Ultimate Blog Swap. You’ll find me posting over at Family Balance Sheet on how to make homemade sidewalk chalk, and I’m excited to welcome Roxanne from The Holistic Mama to Growing Up Gabel: Essential oils are an important part of a holistic medicine[…]

A few years ago I started slowly weeding out “conventional” products from our bathrooms out of concern for parabens and a lot of other chemicals I’m just not sure about.  For the most part, the transition to all natural, organic or even homemade products has been pretty easy. […]

Is it ridiculous be this excited about recycling? Three years ago we bought our first home.  After years of hauling trash to a dumpster, it was nice to have curb side trash service.  I was even more excited to finally be able to recycle.  We only have maybe[…]

I grew up in the snowy tundra of Michigan where we used down comforters, flannel sheets, wool socks, and electric heating pads to stay warm all winter long.  I remember my mom using tennis balls to dry our comforters and winter jackets to not only fluff them up[…]

When was the last time you pulled out your yearbook to peruse? My husband and I recently rearranged our garage and discovered our yearbooks. We had quite the time reminiscing about the past. I was happy to discover that Shutterfly, a company I absolutely love, is now offering[…]

I used to be a voracious reader.  As a kid I spent my summers going to the library, getting a book, reading it, and heading back the next day for a new one.   Then I went college and then law school and all I did was read so[…]

I wrote last week about the Advent calendar my parents had while I was growing up and that it had a teeny tiny nativity inside it.  That little bitty creche is one of my fondest memories of Christmas, even though I don’t think it stuck around for very[…]

  Every single year I write a post about how I want to reign back on Christmas. Every single year, I try really hard, but I still over do it just a little.  Christmas was a huge deal in my home growing up.  Our tree was always overflowing[…]

Is it just me or is half the population born in November? Seriously. Our family has FIVE birthdays between November 14th and December 4th! So not only do I have Thanksgiving to prepare for but I also have two children’s birthdays to celebrate.  It can get stressful. I’m[…]