Teacher Appreciation Day Gift {Free Printable!}

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Teacher Appreciation Day

Give your favorite teacher a simple and easy gift for Teacher Appreciation Day! All you need is an orange or orange peeler, ribbon and our free printable! Teacher Appreciation Day is May 6th this year.  I love any  reason to tell my daughter's teachers how much we appreciate them and Teacher Appreciation Day is the perfect day to do it. My daughter is in 1st grade and while it's easy to remember her homeroom teacher, she actually has 7 teachers total when you include specialist teachers like P.E, music, and art. I love to show these teachers how much we appreciate them, too! I recently became a Tupperware Consultant (make sure to like my Facebook page to get the newest sales - they change every week!) and discovered Tupperware's orange peelers.  My mom had these when I was a kid and I loved them.  No more sticky fingers! Another Tupperware consultant gave me the idea to give my daughter's teachers each an orange peeler with a little "Orange you special!" note attached for ... [read more]

Homemade Peppermint Lip Balm

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lip balm

This post brought to you by Duck Brand provided by ShurTech Brands, LLC. All opinions are 100% mine. Homemade lip balm is very quick and easy to make once you have all the ingredients on hand. Lip balm also makes a great holiday gift.  EZ Start Printed Packaging Tape makes labeling your homemade lip balm, quick, easy and festive! A few years ago I decided I wanted to make my own lip balm.  My husband is a trumpet player so he's super fussy about what goes on his lips.  My kids seem to spend the winter chewing on their lips which are in a constant state of chapped.   It just seemed like it would be really easy to make my own lip balm. The hardest part about homemade lip balm is getting the ingredients together.  I actually ordered the shea butter, lip balm tubes and wax pellets from an online retailer a few years ago.  I discovered later that I can could get refined bees wax from a guy who sells honey at our farmers market, too, and it was cheaper.   I believe you may ... [read more]

Easy Lighted Garland

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lighted garland

This adorable and easy lighted garland is quick to make and beautiful to hang.  The lighted garland uses a simple strand of lights and strips of fleece to create a cozy garland perfect for your mantle, staircase or tree. I saw this garland on my friend Wendy's blog, Wendy's Hat and I fell in love!  I had been eyeing her Christmas wreath made with fleece strips but when I saw the garland, I knew I had to make it.   I have a banister that runs up my staircase and it was feeling a little lonely without any Christmas decorations and I knew that this lighted garland would be perfect for it.  I was thinking of doing a red and green garland, but then I dug through my fabric stash and found a small strip of ivory fleece.   So that was that! I found lights on white cords at Target for $2.49 and picked up another 1/2 yard of ivory fleece. I began by using my Christmas gift from my husband - a brand new rotary cutter and board! It's my first rotary cutter and I love it!  I cut my ... [read more]

A New Shower Head for Your Morning Routine & A Giveaway!

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shower head

A new shower head is a great way to jazz up your morning shower routine!  My family loves our new Waterpik Medallion 5-Spray Handheld Shower Head! We have three bathrooms in our home and two of them have bathtubs with showers.  When we bought our home, we set up the upstairs bathroom for the kids.  All their toys, towels, shampoo and soap went in that bathroom.  So of course, everyone showers in the master bath attached to our bedroom! My husband is 6' 2" and the shower head that was in our bathroom when we moved in came up to about his armpits.  It was just a basic, boring shower head with one setting that my husband kind of had to duck to get under.  He kept bugging me to change it, but since I fit just fine under it, I wasn't in a hurry.  Well, finally, after over 4 years of dealing with that icky shower head, we got a new one! We replaced the shower head with a Waterpik Medallion 5-Spray Hand Showerhead.  The Waterpik showerhead features 5 different spray ... [read more]

Easy Bathroom Remodel with Moen Boardwalk Faucet

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bathroom remodel

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Moen, Incorporated. All opinions are 100% mine. A bathroom remodel can be quick, easy and simple! Even just the change of the faucet can make a huge difference. Our downstairs bathroom has needed a bathroom remodel since we moved in.  It's just a half-bath but it's the most used bathroom in our home.  About 3 years ago we put down peel and stick vinyl flooring.  We decided we wanted to paint the bathroom light blue and happened to find a $5 mistinted gallon of paint at the hardware store so we got the walls painted. The last project has been to replace the bathroom vanity, sink and faucet. As you can see our old sink was just a pedestal sink and I had no storage atll in this bathroom.  I added a medicine cabinet above the toilet, but towels, a first aid kit, brushes and other bathroom necessities were left out in the open on a wire shelf unit. The mirror was a bathroom deor project that didn't quite work. The ... [read more]