Handmade Christmas: Knit Christmas Ornaments

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Knit Christmas Tree Ornament

I love to make knitted Christmas ornaments with leftover yarn from other projects.  This knit mini Santa hat and knit Christmas tree ornament are quick and easy to make.  The knitted Christmas ornaments can also be used to add a personal touch Christmas gift wrapping. Every year my friend hosts a Christmas Ornament Exchange party just a few days before Christmas.  A few years ago I decided to knit an ornament instead of buying one and I've been making them ever since!  Knitted Christmas ornaments are great ways to use up bits and pieces of yarn. Everyone loves receiving them and they make beautiful decorations on gifts. I used this mini Santa hat ornament pattern to make this little guy.  It's one of my favorites.  Just use whatever red and white yarn scraps you have and any size needle.  Or you could make different colored ones, too!   I really love this knit Christmas tree ornament pattern with all the sequins on it! You could use beads or any other little ... [read more]

Handmade Christmas Presents: Knit Cabled Hat

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Knit Cabled Hat

These knit cable hats make great gifts for the teens and tweens on your list! They are quick and easy to make if you have basic knitting experience.   I actually made several of these knit cabled hats a few years ago as gifts for the teen and tween girls on my list.  They are still pretty popular!  This is an easy and quick project if you have basic knitting experience.  Cables are not hard - I promise! They are super easy and they look very impressive.  Don't be afraid to try them out if you've never done them.  You basically just move stitches off your knitting needle on to a cable needle.  Then you knit the next so many stitches, putting the cable needle either behind or in front of your needle depending on the pattern.  Next, you knit the needles off the cable needle and voila - a cable! You are simply twisting and knitting stitches to create the cable. The hats are knit based on Debbie Stoller's Cabled Chapeau pattern, but I didn't make the straps.  I knit the ... [read more]

Easy Knit Dishcloth

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Easy Knitted Discloth

This knit dishcloth pattern is an easy project for any level knitter.  All you need is cotton yarn, needles and a basic knowledge of a few knitting terms.  These knit dishcloths make wonderful gifts for anyone in your life! I took up knitting eight years ago.  I was newly married and my husband was working long hours so he told me to get a hobby.  I headed to Walmart and bought a small "how to knit" booklet, knitting needles and yarn.  I haven't put the needles and yarn down since. Knitting has provided me with a fun outlet to give handmade gifts.  I love knitting for babies and I just recently finished a dinosaur hat and diaper cover.  Fingerless mitts are always a favorite with the tween and teen crowd.   I've been working completing a knitted nativity for about five years now -- someday I will finish!  One of my all time favorite knitted items to give are simple dishcloths.   They are quick, easy and can be used in either the kitchen or the bathroom and everyone loves ... [read more]

Off My Needles: Newborn Dinosaur Hat and Diaper Cover

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Newborn Dinosaur Photo Prop ~ Growing Up Gabel

  I don't usually knit much in the summer.  It's not exactly something you can take to the beach with you!  But this year I have several friends due in October so I did manage to get a few small projects started and finished. One of my friends found a photo of a dinosaur hat and diaper cover set used as a photo prop for a newborn boy.  I couldn't find a pattern for the exact set she wanted, but I did manage to pull together a few different patterns to make this set. That hat is Roar by Tot Toppers.   I've made a lot of these hats and they are always a hit! They are also easy to make.  The spikes do take a bit of fiddling, but nothing too hard. The diaper cover is the Snapdragon Soaker pattern.   This is the first soaker I've knit and I absolutely loved it! It was so much fun to see it all come together and using a Kitchener stitch to sew up the crotch is genius.  I made a couple of extra spikes form the Roar pattern and sewed them on to the soaker. The yarn is ... [read more]

A Crafter’s Dream Giveaway Hop: Judy’s Colors Knitting Kits

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Judy's Colors Stocking Kit

Welcome to A Crafter's Dream Group Giveaway, hosted by My Merry Messy Life,  Earning My Cape and Little Becky Homecky. There are 20 bloggers who are each offering her own giveaway worth $25 or more, all related to crafts and homemade products! Once you enter my giveaway, you can scroll down to the bottom of this post and hop from blog to blog, entering as many as you want! I am partnering with Judy's Colors to offer a $60 Gift Certificate towards a shopping spree in Judy's shop! Now is the time to start your Christmas knitting!  With the new Judy’s Colors online shop, and help from Judy herself, it couldn’t be easier to knit a Fair Isle-style design. Choose from convenient kits, versatile patterns, or useful refills from Judy’s Colors to create your Christmas heirloom. You can count on the unexpected, yet magically familiar, wearable and collectible knits when you choose form Judy’s Colors Collections—let your needles and imagination fly!     If you ... [read more]