Teacher Appreciation Day Gift {Free Printable!}

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Teacher Appreciation Day

Give your favorite teacher a simple and easy gift for Teacher Appreciation Day! All you need is an orange or orange peeler, ribbon and our free printable! Teacher Appreciation Day is May 6th this year.  I love any  reason to tell my daughter's teachers how much we appreciate them and Teacher Appreciation Day is the perfect day to do it. My daughter is in 1st grade and while it's easy to remember her homeroom teacher, she actually has 7 teachers total when you include specialist teachers like P.E, music, and art. I love to show these teachers how much we appreciate them, too! I recently became a Tupperware Consultant (make sure to like my Facebook page to get the newest sales - they change every week!) and discovered Tupperware's orange peelers.  My mom had these when I was a kid and I loved them.  No more sticky fingers! Another Tupperware consultant gave me the idea to give my daughter's teachers each an orange peeler with a little "Orange you special!" note attached for ... [read more]

Milk Carton Bunny Easter Basket

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Easter-Basket-slider 2

Make an adorable bunny Easter basket with your kids! All you need is an empty milk jug, cotton balls and glue for this fun Easter craft! I volunteer in my daughter's first grade classroom each week working on sight words with the students.  A few weeks ago her teacher, Ms. A,  asked me if I'd mind doing an art project with the kids instead of working on sight words.  Yes!  Ms. A has been making these adorable Easter baskets since she started teaching and I can see why.  They are just too cute!  So I asked her permission to show you how to make them and upload her hand drawn pieces so you can just print them off.  She happily obliged. You will need an empty, washed out 1 gallon milk jug; white cotton balls; 1 pink cotton ball (missing from the picture); glue; a stapler; the printed out ears, eyes, whiskers and bow below, and a small piece of white paper to make teeth. Cut an opening in the milk carton on the opposite side of the handle.  It can be as big or small as ... [read more]

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Dipped Spoons

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Chocolate Dipped Spoons

A fun Valentine's Day gift, these chocolate spoons are easy to make and fun to give.  All you need are plastic spoons, chocolate chips, and any other fun stir ins!   I originally posted this fun Valentine's Day idea on my friend Kimberly's blog, A Night Owl Blog, last year.  But I wanted to make sure you saw it, too!  I love making these spoons as Valentine's Day gifts and everyone just loves them!  Chocolate dipped spoons are a simple food craft that make adorable Valentine's Day gifts because (almost) everyone loves chocolate.  My kids love to use these spoons in hot chocolate and I love them in my coffee. What You'll Need: 1/2 cup chocolate chips 6 plastic spoons Assorted candies or other toppings And The Steps: First, set out your spoons on some wax or parchment paper.  Put your candy and toppings in small bowls for easy access. It's best to get this all set up so you can use your chocolate as soon as it's melted.   Next, melt the ... [read more]

Easy DIY Framed Burlap Christmas Tree

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This post brought to you by FrogTape provided by ShurTech Brands, LLC. All opinions are 100% mine. Need an easy Christmas decoration or gift? This easy DIY Framed Burlap Christmas Tree takes only as long as the paint needs to dry!   I have a dollar store frame on one of the walls in my dining room that I switch out printables in to go with the season.  Earlier this week as I was finally getting around to putting a Christmas printable in it, I dropped it on the floor thanks to finding a spider on the back of it! The glass shattered and I was going to throw it out.  Then I remembered the yards and yards of burlap sitting in my fabric stash and I decided to frame a burlap print.  I also have some FrogTape® Textured Surface paint tape on hand and I wondered how it would work on burlap to make a nice straight line. I laid the cardboard back of the photo frame and cut a piece of brown burlap to fit around it plus a little extra to tuck in the back to keep it ... [read more]

Gumdrop Cupcaketini & A Giveaway!

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Gumdrop cupcake-tini is a fun way to serve cupcakes for New Year's Eve or any celebration.  These cupcakes are made entirely with supplies from the Dollar Tree making this not only cute, but affordable. I had never heard of a cupcake-tini until just a few weeks when the Dollar Tree asked me to check out the Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club. The club is full of crafts, recipes, décor, tips, contests, insider information, frugal fun ideas, and more! Membership is Free and the content changes each month.  Plus, the project sheets can be saved or printed - perfect for taking to the store as a shopping list.  When I saw these New Year's Eve Cupcaketinis I had to make them! They are adorable.   You can check out the Dollar Tree version, with instructions here. Supplies: Martini glasses - mine had a greenish hue on the cup part Glitter nail polish Candy - I used gumdrops, but be creative! Cake mix and required ingredients Frosting I bought all of the supplies at the ... [read more]