Balloon Wreath

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I love putting wreaths on my front door for different occasions. A few years ago I decided I wanted a special birthday wreath. I found this balloon wreath and thought it was adorable and perfect for a birthday party.  All you need are few simple craft supplies, a few hours of Downton Abbey, and some steel thumbs to create this family heirloom wreath.

Balloon Wreath

I made this birthday wreath last year to use as a door decoration for my daughter’s birthday.  We’ve since hung it on our front door for everyone’s birthday and the kids know that when it comes out, someone’s birthday is near!  My daughter is bummed that we won’t be home to hang the birthday balloon wreath up for her this year.

This craft is super easy and inexpensive to make.  It would be a fun door decoration for a baby shower in blue, pink or a combination for unknown genders.  Really, any specific colors of balloons to match any occasion or theme would work.   The wreath cost me about $6 total to make (thanks to coupons!).  Just be aware that your fingers get really sore from pushing the pins in around the balloons!

1 Straw Wreath (keep plastic on)

1 pack of Floral Pins

4 packs of 25  balloons

Start pinning balloons to the wreath… and keep pinning and pinning and pinning until it is as full as you’d like it to be!  I only put the balloons are only on the front of the wreath so if you want to cover the sides and back, you’ll need more balloons.

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