I came across Busy Bags a few months ago from the blog Unsolicited Advice.  Busy Bags are simply an activity for your child to do that is contained in a bag (or large envelopes would work, too).  The idea is that the kids can pull out an activity to do either alone, together or with a parent, and put it away all in one neat and tidy place (and who can’t use a little more “neat and tidy” in their lives?!).

Busy Bags looked like a pretty good place to start putting together homeschool-ish activities for my kids.

These are the bags I am putting together. I wanted a mixture of educational activities mixed with some that are just “fun”.  I also wanted a mix for both kids ages (2 and 5) and genders.

  1. Paper Dolls (I printed “The Ginghams”)
  2. Felt Cupcakes  (or here is a paper option)
  3. Clothesline Busy Bag
  4. Pom Pom Patterns (the kids are playing with this in the photo above)
  5. Measure It (this looks like a great math busy bag)
  6. Clothespin Alphabet Match Up
  7. Gummi Bear patterns (this is just for a fun treat)
  8. ABC Go Fish (These are so cute!)

There are many other ideas for busy bags at most of these links. Have fun exploring!

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4 comments on “Babysteps to Homeschooling: Busy Bags

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  3. Dianna on said:

    Nice assortment! I may have to copy a few of these to go along with the puzzles I have for the little boys to do. I also keep about four or so different kinds of building blocks hidden in my closets so that I can let them build as their busy activity, but because there are a variety of blocks & because they’re usually hidden, it actually will hold Henry’s attention for a long time.

    • Camille on said:

      I found some puzzles and shape blocks in the Target Dollar Spot a few weeks ago. Thankfully, Miles LOVES to color so I should be able to keep him busy with that!